2 April 2021

The Alu+C- approach

Sepalumic reduces its carbon impact and joins the Alu+C- initiative


More aluminium, less carbon!



Within the framework of the new RE2020 regulations aimed at limiting the consumption of new and renovated buildings, the entire industry representing French players is mobilising to make buildings more sustainable.



It is therefore to meet the expectations of the RE2020 that the professional organisations SNFA and GFA have joined forces to create the Alu+C- approach.



What are the objectives of the Alu+C- initiative?

The objective of the Alu+C- approach is to offer aluminium products with a controlled carbon footprint thanks to defined criteria, both in terms of sourcing and the extrusion process.


This approach allows us to certify that the aluminium we use is 30% recycled and is produced in Europe, which reduces our environmental impact in terms of supply.


We also justify through this approach that the transformation of billets by extrusion into profiles respects a carbon quantity safeguard.


In this way, Sepalumic continues to move towards a more environmentally friendly approach.