Aluminium Carport 7300

Protecting your vehicle with elegance

An alternative to the garage, the Sepalumic aluminium carport is the ideal solution for sheltering your car. In the garden or attached to the house, this extension allows you to effectively protect your vehicle from the sun and heat and gives style to your property. Resistant and sturdy, it also ensures optimal watertightness in the event of external aggressions: dirt, wind, rain, snow... Available in different colours, designs and dimensions, the Sepalumic carport matches the architectural style of the house; all in harmony with the other joinery in the Signature Range: shutters, gates, pergola.

Single or double, with 4, 2 or 1 posts, with staggered posts, numerous layouts are possible to optimise the outside space or facilitate vehicle manoeuvring.

The solid panel pergola structure

The Sepalumic Carport is the guarantee of simple and quick manufacture and installation. The structure of the carport is the exact structure of the pergola, only the roof changes. This also allows private customers to change the roof of their pergola as soon as they wish and without changing the structure; for example, by replacing the adjustable slats with solid panels.


Product advantages

  • Filling self-supporting panels 63mm

  • Max dimension of each module: 4500x6500mm / height 3000m

  • Structure with staggered posts possible, to facilitate vehicle manoeuvring 

  • Flat ceiling effect

  • Aesthetic, modern and uncluttered, no visible screws

  • Concealed waterfall

Staggered post(s)

To facilitate the manoeuvring of the vehicle


Possible configuration

Performance and technical documents

module 4500mmx6500m
Height 3000mm max
panel thickness 63mm
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