Aluminium gate 2500

The Sepalumic 2500 gate makes a strong and elegant statement. With a wide range of styles and infills, give your customers a choice!

The high quality of the finish, with no visible screws, easy maintenance, the choice of multiple Sepalumic colours and a wide range of configurations.

Opening, infill, style, motorisation... all variations are possible: wicket door, single and double leaf, single leaf sliding and double leaf, horizontal or vertical solid infill, fern infill, openwork infill, assembly by embedding, or mixed infill... 

The wrought iron style is adorned with decorative end caps in the form of a water drop, fleur de lys or round. The thickness of the profiles up to 2 mm and the embedding of the crosspieces in the uprights provide extra rigidity.

The + Products

  • Uprights 81x53 mm, thickness 1.8 to 2 mm
  • Crossbar 83x46 mm, thickness from 1.8 to 2 mm
  • The top and middle rails can be bent
  • Possible configurations: Wicket door - Casement - Sliding - Fence
  • Reinforced rigidity

Your Benefits

  • Customisable aesthetics
  • Wide choice of configurations (filling, barring, bending)
  • Customisable / lacquerable accessories
  • Elegant finish - No visible screws
  • No visible screws - Reinforced security

Possible configuration

Performance and technical documents

Gate L1600 / H2000 MM
Casement L2500 / H2000 MM
Slide rail L2500 / H2000 MM

7 different shapes

9 Contemporary

4 Medieval

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