Architect’s villa in La Réunion

In Reunion, a majestic villa built by Accès Plus opens onto the magical landscapes of the Indian Ocean. A small tropical Eden made with the complete range of Sepalumic woodwork special export. The house has been designed to make the most of the outdoors, regardless of the season.
Client :
Ravate - Accès Plus - A private individual
Lieu(x) :
La Réunion
Date réalisation :
June 2013

Sepalumic carpentry for a tropical Eden

Sepalumic carpentry shops have the gift of responding to the problems of all construction sites. A faculty of adaptation that also appeals to individuals. On Reunion Island, one of them wanted to dress up his Sepalumic villa. The result shows the owner’s satisfaction.

The villa is simply majestic. With its contemporary style, it radiates in the landscape without however denoting with the most recent constructions of the island. A resolutely modern look for this fully dressed house from the Sepalumic range special export. And the choice of the owner is obviously not the result of chance. I opted for Sepalumic aluminium joinery because it met all my requirements. Not only from an aesthetic point of view, since they give my property a clear cachet, but also for their quality in terms of thermal comfort in air-conditioned spaces.” In La Réunion, the consideration of climatic conditions is obviously fundamental. With its complete range dedicated to the DOM-TOM, Sepalumic was therefore well placed to respond to this essential problem.

Key facts and figures

  • Project : Creation of an architect’s house in La Réunion
  • Place : La Réunion (974)
  • Sepalumic Distributor : Ravate
  • Manufacturer / Installer : Accès Plus
  • Range : Jalousie 2000, Sliding 2600, Shutter 2200, Window 4200, entrance door 4500
  • Photos : Marc Bathany
Villa architecte DOM-TOM

A complete range dedicated to DOM-TOM

The local company Accès Plus was in charge of the work and Ravate, exclusive distributor of the Sepalumic brand on the island, made available these carpentry shops specially designed to adapt to the climate of the Indian Ocean. Because the owner wanted to make the most of the outdoor spaces, he equipped his villa with bay windows offering very large openings on the garden. He is completely reassured as to their resistance capacity in case of irrational winds: equipped with reinforced sliding the solutions for which he has opted guarantee the highest security.

All the conditions are now met to offer a great comfort of home: the jealousy offers an optimal ventilation, cloaking and sun protection system; the windows without thermal bridge breakage provide maximum insulation. The flaps provide flawless protection with a storm and anti-burglary slide and cyclonic resistance. So all the family has to do is enjoy their little private paradise!

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