Breathable window Occult'air 5900

The new generation of window and breathable aluminum window door.

With a frame thickness of 94 mm and a window that can be either visible or hidden, it accommodates a simple 18 mm glazing and a triple 44 mm glazing and ensures exceptional performance. 
This technology gives the window many features: a better thermal performance, a uniform aesthetic with hidden ventilation, as well as the possibility of inserting a 100% concealing blind in this space.

ORA fenetre respirante aluminium opaque sepalumic innovation

The + Products

  • New breathing system invisible from the top of the window
  • Thermal and acoustic performance
  • Peut accueillir un simple vitrage de 18 mm et un triple vitrage de 44 mm
  • Integrated blind (roller blind) in protected environment
  • Manufacturing time saving (close to a standard window)
  • New hidden accessory system

Your Gain

  • Possibility to integrate a 25 mm manual or electric aluminium blind
  • Logical OB variant (inverted), available
  • Can be opened up to 180°
  • European groove for inserting visible accessories to the colour of the chassis, but also hidden accessories
  • Ideal window solution for medical structures, offices... 
store venitien fenetre respirante aluminium sepalumic innovation

Possible configuration


Performance and technical documents

store venitien fenetre respirante aluminium sepalumic innovation

Download the documents
Breathable window Occult'air
180 Kg
L1700 / H2600 MM
Ouverture 180°

A*4 / E*1200 / V*C4

UW = 0.8 W/M².K
UG = 0,5 W/M².K

SW = 0,29 W/M².K

TLW = 0,43 W/M².K

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50 DB

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