Concealed sash window 50 5200

The most complete window for performance

It is THE reference in terms of industrial striking windows with concealed opening. Resolutely focused on the challenges of RT 2012, the 5200 aluminium window is unique in its kind. It provides exceptional thermal and acoustic performance for the general public and ease of manufacture for joinery professionals, both craftsmen and manufacturers.

Sepalumic aluminium

The + Products

  • 3 types of throat (16mm, European and SEPALUMIC specific) 
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • Wide choice of possible configurations
  • Installation in new buildings or renovation
  • Visible opening option

Your Benefits

  • Brightness gain
  • Standard PVC accessories
  • Saves production time
  • Round or vertical glazing bead
Sepalumic aluminium

Performance and technical documents

130 Kg
L1700 / H2600 MM
10 000 Cycles

A*4 / E*1200 / V*C4

UW = 1,1 W/M².K

SW = 0,41 W/M².K

TLW = 0,58 W/M².K

38 DB

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