Coulifix 70 3700

A window half fixed, half sliding

Finesse, aesthetics, brightness, performance, adaptability: are the promises of this new Coulifix 3700 that integrates the 70 range. Bold, with ever finer profiles, it gives way to an important daylight, to offer maximum brightness. It demonstrates good thermal and sealing performance thanks to its fixed part and new thermal shields at the lower part of the threshold. Dans une pièce à vivre, dans une véranda ou dans une chambre d'hôtel il s'adapte à chaque besoin. 

The novelty of this product also lies in its simplicity and rapidity of assembly thanks to an innovative tool system like the drilling template and the jumper that will allow to mount the frame of a single block before coming to position the central face amount.  

Visuel du coulifix 70 V2

+ Products

  • Important daylight
  • Available in 1F/ 1V or 2F/ 2V face-to-face
  • Square aesthetic, with flush and fine profiles (new closures)
  • New thermal shield system attached to drainage tunnels
  • Lock up to 4 points and material strength
  • Optimised sealing and thermal insulation
  • Accessibility PMR

Your profit

  • Full integration in the 70 mm range
  • Easy assembly and implementation
  • Glazing socket up to 32 mm (fixed part from 28to 32 mm/ mobile part from 28 to 32 mm)
  • Openings identical to traditional sliding
  • Inventory rationalization 
  • Fast and simplified manufacturing and installation
  • Optimised central node, ensuring good sealing performance and time saving during assembly
  • Better crossing of baffles and reduction of deformation at packaging
  • Hangers and hanger profiles pre-assembled on standard finishes stored
véranda 3700 v2

Possible configuration

configurations coulifix 3700

Performance and technical documents

200 Kg
L1800 / H2500 mm
railing sepalumic windows aluminium

25000 Cycles

Impermeability windows aluminium sepalumic

A*4 / E*6B / V*A2

Thermal windows aluminium sepalumic

UW = 1.3 W/M².K  UW = 1.6 W/M².K
UG = 0.8 W/M².K   UG = 1.1 W/M².K

Solar factor

SW = 0.43 W/M².K 

Light transmission

TLW = 0.60 W/M².K 

acoustics windows aluminium sepalumic

35 DB (RATR)

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