2 November 2020

Discover our new colour offer: "Les Naturelles".

In order to develop our service offer in correlation with your expression of need, we are enriching our colour offer with new shades, giving you and your customers access to a more extensive range of colours, with the new "Les Naturelles" palette.

This new range extends from "mineral cendré" to "chêne doré" and adopts the characteristic aspects of wood and mineral.

Discover this new offer which is composed of 9 shades developed through 3 themes: 



Mineral :


Scandic :


Authentic wood :



Advantages and features :

  • The intrinsic qualities of aluminium (durability, ease of maintenance, quality of finishes, modern design, etc.) are the basis of its durability.


  • Natural and ultra-realistic aspect of the wood and mineral (veins etc...)


  • Granite surface appearance (aesthetic quality and comfort to the touch)


  • To obtain these "Natural" shades, class 2 powders are used (better durability, greater resistance to UV rays, less loss of gloss, greater homogeneity of application, no modification of the mechanical properties of class 1).


  • Environmentally friendly lacquering (no toxic solvents or heavy metals)



But also :



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