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In Saint-Doulchard, near Bourges in the department of Cher (18), the reliability of Sepalumic profiles has once again proved itself. This time, the creation of a new living space open to the outside. To the delight of its owners!
Client :
Plastiferm Company
Lieu(x) :
Date réalisation :
May 2018


"We had our large house built in 2011. We wanted it to be practical and functional for our old age, as we will soon be retired," explains Martine.

Although the house is exactly what the couple expected, a new idea quickly sprang to mind... What if, in addition to the existing 200 square metres, we added a new living space? Because even though the children have left and become parents in their turn, the lovers frequently receive their family or friends...

"The idea of a new living space came to us when we were considering the layout of the garden. We thought that being able to enjoy an outdoor space from a protected room, open to the flowerbeds, flowers and trees, would be ideal for us," explains Bruno.


Although the couple have always enjoyed looking after their garden, for the creation of their extension it was obvious that they needed an experienced craftsman who could understand and fulfil their wishes.

The owners contacted Plastiferm, a company run by Nicolas Lochon, who explains: "Plastiferm has been a closure specialist for 32 years. Our historical supplier is Sepalumic, whose Grandeur Nature network we joined in 2016. On this site, we are really working on top-of-the-range verandas. It's literally a new living room in the house! "

A place that was able to emerge from the ground after the pencil strokes of the building designer Thierry Billon. An undertaking facilitated by the strength of the network, according to Nicolas Lochon: "Grandeur Nature helps us a lot on a technical level thanks to its design office, particularly for the skylight and the wooden framework of the extension managed by the Sepalumic factory. "

angle intérieur véranda
exterieur véranda


The thermal performance of this structure allows the couple and their guests to enjoy it all year round.

"For two years now, as the seasons change, we have been coming here every day, whether for breakfast, dinner or reading. Our children, grandchildren and friends also like to enjoy the quietness and brightness of this place, with its breathtaking view of the garden. "

Set to music by a symphony of expert craftsmen, Sepalumic products enhance the extension. The atmosphere here is now the Sound of Music!

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