Georges Danton Residence

For once, it is in the Paris suburbs, in Gennevilliers to be precise, that the project decorated with Sepalumic joinery has been delivered. An elegant, sober and refined project that offers a breath of fresh air in a highly urbanised area.
Client :
PM Industrie
Lieu(x) :
Gennevilliers (92) - France
Date réalisation :
July 2018

Sepalumic equips a bold and elegant project!

Philippe Bédier can smile. The managing director of the Boucle de la Seine HLM cooperative has now sold all 37 flats in the Danton residence located in Gennevilliers (93).

For this cooperative, whose main objective is "to offer quality housing on the urban, architectural and technical levels to first-time buyers with limited resources", this is a great success.

For the architectural firm Naud & Poux, too. The same goes for Sepalumic, which owes the staging of its profiles on this site to the company Pacotte et Mignotte, which installed them.

It must also be said that the programme was daring.


When Franck Grilo talks about the Danton project, you can immediately feel his pride in having been able to offer low-cost housing with an original, modern and undoubtedly elegant appearance. The project manager of the Naud&Poux architectural firm explains: "In this particular case, the context is characterised by a strong heterogeneity of the neighbouring building forms. These include both a suburban fabric and large, high rise housing estates from the 1970s. The result is a residence on a human scale, consisting of two three-storey buildings. "We chose to work in strips in order to take up the existing strip layout on the site, particularly that of the houses opposite on Rue Danton," he continues.



Although this new residence is located some 300 metres from the metro, it benefits above all from its immediate proximity to a real green lung of the city, the Camille Ronce square. For once, this breathing space in an urban jungle that is sometimes too concrete is reinforced by the green spaces created for this complex. Thus, when viewing the work in its entirety, the walker discovers an urban stratification of villas, as Franck Grilo explains: "This project presents a first base for the villas at the level of the natural ground (level 0) and a second base on the plinth (level 3). The base (level 2) and its thickness are the result of a new natural terrain for the houses on the upper level.

The villas on the lower level open onto their private garden on level 0; the villas on the upper level open onto their private garden on level 3.

For the facades, the strips are sometimes adjoined and sometimes separated, creating passages, views and perspectives between the street and the garden, as well as a more significant break. "This has the effect of breaking the effect of linearity and splitting the project into two sets," insists the project manager. If the choice of a white and light grey façade seems to be an obvious choice of the architect, the same applies to the importance of the building's aesthetics, even in the choice of its joinery. As Emmanuel Renault of Pacotte et Mignotte explains: "We won the contract for this beautiful project because the architect wanted profiles with tight contemporary lines. We turned to our range manufacturer Sepalumic, which was able to meet the requirements.

Sepalumic's square profiles are the perfect solution. On the Danton site, no less than 202 frames from the 50 range (sliding, fixed, OF) were designed and installed "in tunnel and ITE" by the Pacotte and Mignotte teams.

A smoothly run operation that quickly found buyers, to the delight of the project manager and the client. Sepalumic was also able to provide an appropriate response to meet the aesthetic requirements of such a programme.

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