Guard Rail 5500

Enjoy the aesthetics and safety

The 5500 guard rail combines aesthetic design and exemplary finish. Simple to manufacture and easy to install, it offers an optimized safety thanks to filling elements fixed with clams, strong posts and a clamping system. Multiple variations are possible by combining the various elements: handrails, feet, filling elements. The result is an almost infinite number of possible designs. The 5500 guard rail can also be used as a stair ramp, window sill, balcony closure, for both public and private buildings.

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  • Meets CSTB Bag Test Safety Standards (NF P. 01 013)
  • Simple to manufacture ( thanks to pre-drilled profiles) 
  • Easy to install
  • 2 fixing systems (Systèm A : fastening with clams slipped in the throat of strong uprights - Système B: traditional attachment by clamp on strong post and receipt of filling by «U»)

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  • Consistency with the Signature range of the house
  • Wide choice of configurations 
  • Customizable accessories (lacquerable to the color of the railing)
  • Elegant finish (square, round or ovoid handrail, moulded feet or English platinum )
  • Infinite aesthetics (square or rounded version of the barreaudage)
  • Choice of multiple combinations (Croix Saint André, Boat aesthetics, Barreaudage aesthetics, glass aesthetics)

Possible configuration


Performance and technical documents

According to European standards

Saint André Cross
Barreaudage Aesthetics   
Aesthetics Boat
Aesthetics with sheet metal
Glass aesthetic

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