2 January 2021

I-process is evolving!

Created in 2004, this Sepalumic service historically dedicated to manufacturers is strengthened by an improved, modernized and innovative Products and Services offer.

I-process is the Sepalumic service that accompanies Industrials but also Manufacturers and Prefabricateurs in the implementation of a process of production of aluminum joinery according to an industrial mode.

Today, with its know-how and experience in the market, I-process getting stronger. Among its evolutions: a product offering increasingly adapted to the industrial manufacturing mode and the support to the integration of Sepalumic ranges in their manufacturing process. I-process Next Generation, it is also a panel of additional services offered to customers such as conducting an audit, providing solutions for the optimization of packaging and storage, recommendations on information systems and production flows or support in the implementation of certifications...

Responses and recommendations tailored to the size of the customer, his market and the product offer he wants to define; with the final and common objective: to optimize the production and profitability of his company.


A few days ago, S├ębastien Michelier, I-Process Manager, answered questions from L'Echo de la baie magazine. An opportunity to discuss the changes in the service and its challenges for 2021. 

"We offer non-intrusive personalized support to all customers and prospects who want to industrialize their production and optimize the profitability of their business."

Interview to be found here: 

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