A dedicated service for International customers and their specific needs



  • Sepalumic International, has the objective understand the needs of its targets to better meet their demands. This requires a field presence strong and efficient with 4 deposits in France (Mouans-Sartoux, Bordeaux, Bourg des Chevigny and Accounts) and a lacquering (Genlis). This presence allows to provide full support, controlled and be reactive on appearance logistics

  • Sepalumic offers ranges such as the Range 70, the Range 50, the Architectural range or the Signature range. It offers a wide range of panel of innovative, original products to meet the needs of the market. 

  • On the Marketing aspect the segmentation by market allows the establishment of suitable and designed supports for each target.

Our range

With its dedicated International service (presence on 4 continents with 3 warehouses), Sepalumic puts its experience and know-how (product development, trade, support, transport, logistics) serving international customers and their specific needs. 

Sepalumic offers a wide and powerful range of 
products that respond to extreme climatic conditions, with guaranteed aesthetic qualities. 

SEPALUMIC International’s quality is added to these assets, a guarantee of solidity and perfect solutions, 
much appreciated by DOM-TOM and AFRIQUE customers.

chantier du mois mars 2019 sepalumic villa contemporaine maroc aluminium fenetre


  • Sepalumic International accompanies its African customers thanks to the presence of a deposit in Morocco, which facilitates the technical and commercial trade

  • Sepalumic Morocco’s research and development department is very dynamic and active. This enables demand to be translated into product or service innovations in order to offer the most suitable offer for the market. Recently, the depot has been equipped with a new test bench *

  • Thanks to its know-how, Sepalumic creates products such as large and minimalist sliding doors and swivel doors. These products perfectly meet the architectural and climatic requirements of the continent

  • In addition, the International Service deepens its knowledge of African territory. This market is sensitive to digital communication (smartphone, tablet, app, e-mail, etc...) and proximity, what Sepalumic International plans to strengthen in the coming years

West Indies, Caribbean and Indian Ocean 

  • Sepalumic International, attaches to be ever closer to his customers. This translates into the presence two deposits, in Guadeloupe and in the Meeting that facilitates and strengthens customer support

  • For tropical areas, Sepalumic offers products like Jalousie with built-in pre-charge and mosquito net or the Anticyclonic Roller Shutter, which perfectly meets the needs of these territories (protection and ventilation)

  • From a marketing point of view, the distribution by market puts in place paper supports and documentation efficient and responsive to the demands of customers. In the future Sepalumic will still develop customer proximity


Discover our International Service in video! 

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chantier du mois mars 2019 sepalumic villa contemporaine maroc aluminium fenetre