Mercedes dealership - PERPIGNAN (66)

"Mercedes dealership in Perpignan: the setting is perfect!"
Client :
Lieu(x) :
Perpignan (66)
Date réalisation :
January 2017

In Perpignan, the brand-new Mercedes dealership attracts the eye !

And for good reason, this building with its curved shape, its large glass surface, and all dressed aluminum, is the perfect setting to accommodate the high-end vehicles of the German manufacturer. On this project, several SEPALUMIC references have hit the nail on the head. Work began in early 2017. At the origin of the operation, the owner’s desire to create a new pole that upsets the standards of marketing. To do this, but also to meet the prerogatives of a brand that has always been recognized for its excellence, it logically required a building with the image of the cars it houses, that is to say, aesthetically impeccable! The choice then turned to a duo often winning on the facade: aluminium and glass. Thus, we are talking about almost 1000 m2 of glazed surface and nearly 180 meters of linear curtain walls.

Key facts and figures


  • Project : Mercedes dealership 
  • Place : Perpignan (66)
  • Architect : Atelier d'architecture Monetti
  • Manufacturer/ Installer : STAL
  • Range : The wall large-size greenhouse curtain architectural range;  window with visible opening; sliding and entry-level door 50



It is the company STAL which was entrusted with the installation of the joinery on this operation. Bertrand Matteoli, in charge of business within the company explains: "We used practically the whole SEPALUMIC range, a choice which naturally came to light given the prerogatives of the execution plans." 3 months were enough to complete the implementation phase of the aluminum openings which mobilized between two and six people all along. In this new building housing the vehicles on the ground floor, and the administrative offices on the first floor, there are also interior patios that offer an additional stamp to the project. Indeed, the general appearance was «breathable» and resolutely modern. This is how the concession with its curved shape offers a very contemporary architecture that from the outside attracts attention !


«We have used practically the entire SEPALUMIC range», continues Bertrand Matteoli, who knows the brand’s products well and has been working alongside him for nearly 40 years! Thus, the new dealership is adorned with W44 curtain walls, known for their performance (a light and discreet structure ensuring optimal insulation), 3100 sliding doors and 50 visible opening windows that adapt to all types of architecture! For its part, the major element of the operation, if any, has been selected among the most high-end references of SEPALUMIC : it is the 4500 TH (with optional thermal bridge rupture). Result: a project that meets the requirements of the RT 2012. In Perpignan, the German’s vehicles could not have found a better setting…

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