23 November 2020

New in 2021 - New Sepalumic warehouse in Saint-Martin

Sepalumic Saint-Martin

Sepalumic expands in the West Indies and establishes itself on the island of Saint-Martin, and Sepalumic's international development continues 

Already present in the West Indies and the Indian Ocean, with a depot in Guadeloupe and Reunion, we are relying on our International Service to continue our expansion with a new depot on the island of Saint-Martin. With a storage area of 750m² and a capacity of 72 tons of aluminium, our new Sepalumic depot in Saint-Martin is officially ready to welcome its customers.


For a collaborative operation and an offer adapted to the client's needs 

The Sepalumic Saint-Martin depot is managed in collaboration with our independent partner on site. He is responsible for the management of the depot and its supply. "As we have done for over 50 years, the needs of our customers remain our top priority. They are the guideline for everything we plan, decide and do. The products we store in Sint Maarten therefore correspond to the most frequent requests and comply with paracyclonic standards.

In fact, the range of products stocked on site includes aluminium profiles for sliding, striking, doors, sunshades, blinds and roller shutters. 

The advantages of this new warehouse on the island of Saint-Martin: Proximity and internationalisation

Delivering quickly and facilitating transport. These are the main benefits of the new warehouse. The available stock is substantial in order to respond quickly to the demands of customers in this geographical area. This is a competitive advantage for local installers who will be able to reduce their delivery times. We have sent a large quantity of aluminium profiles to ensure the availability of products as soon as the warehouse opens. 

In addition, we will strengthen our activities in the English-speaking Caribbean islands, Puerto Rico, the Cayman Islands and the USA. Our international dimension does not make us forget the importance of proximity. This strategy gives us more flexibility and customers have the opportunity to see the products in advance. 





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