2 January 2021

New Aluminium Carport

Sepalumic expands its range of exterior joinery and launches its Carport, the full-panel pergola version to shelter its vehicle.

Less restrictive than a garage and easier to maintain than a wooden shelter, the aluminum carport allows to effectively protect your car from climatic hazards.

Developed by our design office - the Sepalumic carport is designed to be ultra-resistant and ensures an optimal sealing and protection of the car in case of external aggressions: dirt, wind, rain, snow... Thanks to its 63mm thick freestanding panel cover, it also protects the vehicle from the sun and strong heat.

A car shelter both practical and design!

Its straight and clean lines and the wide range of colors proposed, bring an aesthetic touch to the structure and allow to value its property. Thus, leaning or freestanding, single or double, numerous carport arrangements are possible in order to optimize the exterior space and facilitate the maneuvering of the vehicle. Everything is customizable! The customer can choose the size, the options or the addition of side closures.