30 March 2022

NEW PRODUCT: The anticyclonic roller shutter

In order to adapt to the local constraints of the cyclone zones, the International Service has designed the large roller shutter that resists the cyclone conditions !

Taking into account local constraints and needs is the key to our commitment to successful support and partnership. The Sepalumic International Service, present in several geographical areas, has specially developed this new section to meet the specific needs and constraints of cyclone zones:

-Reunion Island 
-New Caledonia

The new Sepalumic High Speed Roller Shutter provides optimum protection against high winds* (up to 287 km/h), even for buildings and constructions with large openings. A new product offering complements the initial version already existing.

Its unique design and large widths make it possible to protect all types of buildings, whether they are offices, various premises or individual constructions.

The optimised components that enrich the large-sized High Pressure Roller Shutter and enable us to offer our customers a robust and resistant product are:

- Blades
The deck and the caps
- Slides



  • 61 mm reinforced extruded blades
  • Aid in maintaining the flap components in case of wind and solidifies the assembly


  • Reinforced cap system: the material, the design of the cap and the shape of the screw (specific screw) have been developed to ensure a good solidity of the assembly
  • Embedding a cap on each blade for more strength across the entire deck
  • Specific screw adapted to the anticyclon cap for the anti-vibration system
  • Le tout offre une grande rĂ©sistance et un excellent maintien du bouchon dans la coulisse



  • High-pressure slides, thanks to the reinforced outer part
  • This makes the deck stiffening and more resistant to wind strain
  • Presence of anti-arrachment pins that allow the stoppers to be held in the slide

This product can be suitable for both new construction sites and renovation sites (installation on external wall with box on the outside only). This will make it possible to rehabilitate the structure after the passage of a cyclone or to anticipate the installation of the product for the coming cyclonic period.

Construction professionals, take advantage of this new product offer and be inspired by this high-pressure roller shutter and its large dimensions!