24 June 2021

Sepalumic & Weeeze collaboration

The 18th of May marked the official launch of the partnership between Sepalumic and the company Weeeze, manufacturer of minimalist sliding systems


It was during this event, organised in the premises of Weeeze, that the two companies officially announced their collaboration in front of an audience of journalists, partners and local politicians. 


It was an opportunity to present Weeeze, a company of artisanal dimension, its integration into the Valfidus group, its development perspectives as well as the conditions of the Sepalumic&Weeeze partnership. This was followed by a visit to the showroom with a demonstration of the products and a tour of the production workshop. 





On the strength of its expertise in the top-of-the-range market for minimalist sliding systems, Weeeze became part of the Valfidus group, a specialist in classic aluminium joinery and the parent company of Sepalumic, in July 2020. This major turning point opens up new horizons for Weeeze in terms of development and ambitions. Amongst them, the opportunity to team up with Sepalumic, the historic company of the Valfidus group. 

Philippe Rubat General Manager Weeeze, Kévin Bonnin Sales Representative Rhône-alpes Sepalumic, Elisa Vidal-Revel President Weeeze, Guillaume Didelle Prescription Manager South-East/Corsica and Monaco Sepalumic, Gabriel Bourillon Prescription Manager North-East Sepalumic

WEEEZE, Manufacturer of ultra-thin panoramic sliding doors


The company, located in Leyment, in the Ain region, is active in the high-end market of minimalist sliders, and is committed to development in France and internationally. With around twenty employees, the small size of Weeeze allows it to provide custom-made work perfectly adapted to each particular request.

The minimalist sliding systems ensure impeccable thermal performance and reinforced security. The thinness of the intermediate vertical jambs of only 21mm and the frames are totally integrated into the lining making the sliding frame almost invisible. Ideal for architectural villas with large openings; to enjoy an unobstructed view and to favour the influx of light.

The partnership

Thanks to this collaboration, Sepalumic is positioning itself in a new high-end and innovative market, that of minimalist carpentry, adding a new product to its catalogue.


In addition, Sepalumic can offer its clients and building specifiers a turnkey solution. Weeeze is both manufacturer and installer and therefore retains perfect control from the preparation to the completion of the project. As part of its development strategy, Weeeze also offers training in the installation of minimalist sliding systems to traditional joinery professionals who wish to distribute its products. Thanks to this complementary service, Sepalumic has all the cards in hand to increase the number of Weeeze dealers in France and abroad.


Weeeze side

As for the small artisanal company, it now has the means to consolidate its stability and to dream bigger in terms of investments and developments. 

Sepalumic, a specialist in classic aluminium joinery for over half a century, provides Weeeze with strong commercial support as well as the experience and know-how of a company that is well established in France and internationally. Weeeze will be able to count on a fleet of twenty or so sales people and sales representatives trained in the technical and aesthetic requirements of minimalist sliding systems.

Weeeze will also be able to rely on Sepalumic to develop the number of "Partners": joinery installers who will distribute Weeeze solutions to private customers.

A collaboration that announces great projects to come!