Single glazed rounded window 4200

Give a shape to your windows…

Recognised for its robustness and strength, aluminium is also used for the aesthetic possibilities it offers, including the bending that opens a new world of curved shapes. The bending process makes it possible to design windows and doors of all sizes.

In terms of rounding, the expertise of SEPALUMIC allows you to adapt to the specificities and imperatives of your projects; allowing you to offer innovative and high-performance products, corresponding to all styles from the classic to modern design.

SEPALUMIC controls the bending process of their custom profiles specifically designed to obtain the best quality and finish on various shapes (rounded, circular, ellipse ...). The bending of all profiles is done cold, thus avoiding any alteration to the structure or surface condition.

fenetre cintrage aluminium sepalumic

The product +

  • Wide choice of rounded shapes.
  • Opening outwards allowing clean lines
  • Ergonomic handles that can be matched to the color of the aluminum.
  • New design for the window and door handles.
  • High performance locking system.

Product description

  • Windows, French windows and transoms of different shapes: semicircular, low-rise with a wide variety of openings: fixed, bellows, French opening with 1 or 2 sashes.
  • Arched frames ready to install.
  • Custom bending of profiles supplied directly to the producer to manufacture of windows.
fenetre cintrage aluminium sepalumic

Possible configuration

fenetre cintrage aluminium sepalumic

Performance and technical documents

fenetre cintrage aluminium sepalumic

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Single glazed rounded window
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