Single glazed window 4200

The high strength aluminum window, without thermal break.

With an excellent price / performance ratio and its large range, the Sepalumic series 4200 window has everything to seduce you.

The product +

  • All types of openings adapted to all architectures
  • Performance / price ratio
  • Aesthetics 
  • Mosquito net integration
  • Integration of the Sepalumic Jalousie 2000


  • Stainless steel aluminum hinges
  • Option: reinforced hinges for French windows
  • Multi-point door lock with adjustable latch
  • Assembly and mounting accessories compatible with the sliding door range
fenetre froide aluminium sepalumic export maroc


  • Complete line of straight shaped profiles for a contemporary style.
  • New design for the handles of the windows and the crutches of the doors.
  • Reduced height profiles for greater glazing

Performance and technical documents

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Single glazed window
100 Kg
L1700 / H2400 MM
Tensioner trial
20 000 Cycles
Impermeability windows aluminium sepalumic

A*4 / E*750 / V*C3

pmr windows sepalumic aluminium
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