2 January 2021

SOLCAR SYSTEM the new photovoltaic carport

Aware of environmental issues, Sepalumic is constantly innovating and striving for excellence to meet and surpass the needs of manufacturers and installers. Its innovation: a photovoltaic carport for electric vehicle charging, available from the 2nd quarter 2021.

In collaboration with the design office of the Solar Earth Installer, the Sepalumic photovoltaic carport is in the form of a flat-roofed aluminium pergola on which are placed photovoltaic solar panels and a charging station for electric cars.

The electricity generated is connected to the housing power grid

The end customer will have the choice to sell all of his production or to use it in self-consumption. In photovoltaic self-consumption, the customer, professional or private, thus cumulates the advantages of a carport for car and a more economical recharge. Indeed, solar electricity is free and the sale of its surplus electricity will even make it possible to compensate financially for the night recharges made by the supplier.

Protection of the vehicle, 

all configurations

Self-mounted, or attached to a building while ensuring a sunny roof, this photovoltaic aluminum carport can effectively protect a fleet of vehicles from climate aggression. Customers can choose the size and equipment of their shelter: charging stations, lighting, colours, side closures, etc.

Equipped with a modern aluminium structure and combined with the installation of two-sided photovoltaic panels, the carport makes it possible to efficiently collect energy from the sun.


Guarantee of an installation 

simple and fast

The Carport Sepalumic is the guarantee of a simple and fast production and installation for our professional customers. The structure of the carport is the same as that of the pergola, only the roof changes. This also allows private individuals to change the filling of their pergola as soon as they wish and without modifying the structure; by replacing for example the roof with solid panels by a photovoltaic roof. 


Specifications :

- Fine and reinforced aluminium structure
- Roof compatible with all types of photovoltaic panels
- Invisible System: Hidden Water Drop, Loose Screws and Cable
- Sepalumic colour offer

Options :

- Possibility of adding side closures (louvers) for additional protection

- LED strip integrated into the structure, or spot in the rafters
- Integration of a charging station

Available from the second quarter 2021