Window with visible sash 50 5000

A high-performance aluminium window and patio door that can be adapted to all types of architecture.

The Sepalumic 50 series of windows and glazed doors has been designed to adapt to all types of architecture (traditional or contemporary) by bringing real added aesthetic value to your projects. Differentiate your customer thanks to its exclusive system of installation in renovation.

The + products

  • Visible opening
  • 2 opening styles (traditional or flush)
  • Door with or without threshold and seal
  • A*4 airtightness
  • Renovation system with surface-mounted fixing on wooden frame


  • Rebate for double or triple glazing from 6 to 36 mm 
  • Various glazing bead solutions (square or moulded)
  • EPDM seal for frame and glazing 

Performance and technical documents

130 Kg
L1700 / H2600 MM

A*4 / E*1200 / V*C3

UW = 1,3 W/M².K
UG = 0,6 W/M².K

SW = 0,30 W/M².K

TLW = 0,45 W/M².K

40.4 DB

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