Curtain Wall W44

The curtain wall that lets in the light

Place to light with the finest curtain wall on the market! With its 44 mm aluminum section, the curtain wall W44 gains in aesthetics with a light and discreet structure and ensures optimal insulation (thermal performance Ucw =1.2 W/M².K, acoustics 38 dB, waterproofness A*E/ RE*1200/ V*1200). Customizable as you wish, this system of curtain wall with greenhouse, is available in eight forms of external covers: flat with sharp angles inspired metal frame, curved, curved or oval type «wing of aircraft»...

De multiples configurations sont également possibles : trame verticale ou horizontale, configuration en facettes, intégration du brise-soleil 9000… Le mur-rideau W44 est parfaitement compatible avec les autres gammes Sepalumic (Evolution’ Air, portes 4700…). Une esthétique sur mesure qui répondra aux exigences créatives des architectes tout en assurant une performance énergétique et une rentabilité optimale.

+ Products

  • Greenhouse curtain wall with 44 mm interior/exterior view
  • Horizontal frame configuration possible poles/sleepers from 15 to 250 mm, up to 3430 cm4 of inertia (with reinforcements)
  • Filling from 2 to 50 mm
  • Half-perimeter of 5 m or an authorized glazing area of more than 6 m²

Your Profit

  • Customizable aesthetics
  • Wide choice of configurations
  • Machining and installation of simplified clamps
  • Customizable with its 8 cover shapes
  • Sealing : A*E / RE*1200 / V*1200

Performance and technical documents

300 Kg
50 mm - Inertia Max : 3430 cm4

A*E / RE*1200 / V*1200

Double glazing :
UCW = 1.2 W/M².K
UG = 1,0 W/M².K

Triple glazing :
UCW = 0.8 W/M².K
UG = 0,5 W/M².K

SW = 0,39 W/M².K

TLW = 0,57 W/M².K

40 DB

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