Curtain wall


Sepalumic’s aluminium facade solutions are used in the most beautiful projects. The W44 with clamping is one of the thinnest on the market with its 44mm thickness of aluminium. It can be customised and is available in 8 different shapes of external bonnets: flat with sharp angles inspired by metal frames, curved, curved or oval like an aircraft wing.

Vertical or horizontal, on the front door or on the sunny side of the house, the glazed facade seduces by its light and discreet structure, its high-end architectural style as well as by its large glazed surface which bathes the interior of the house with natural light.

On the facade of a traditional or contemporary house, the curtain wall or glass facade in aluminium from Sepalumic fits perfectly into all styles of villa, both new and renovated.

It offers a multitude of technical solutions, fine profiles and exclusive colours, dimensions and implementation; a tailor-made response adapted to each project. The Sepalumic aluminium facade is no less efficient, providing excellent thermal and acoustic insulation and air, water and wind tightness.

The Sepalumic glazed façade is compatible with the other ranges of aluminium entrance doors and windows and can be accompanied by sunshades for perfect control of solar gain, particularly in summer.

Much more than a skylight, the glass façade is the architectural touch of the house. On the inside your home is bathed in light, on the outside your façade has style.