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Manufacturer, your know-how is your strength ! 

Designing aluminium joinery systems for manufacturers and installers has undoubtedly been our core business for nearly 60 years. Sepalumic has developed comprehensive ranges of solutions designed for the homes of individual customers. Whether private homes or architectural projects, Sepalumic meets the technical and aesthetic requirements to improve construction of the buildings of the future. New builds or renovations, Sepalumic offers solutions adapted to all living spaces.

To meet the requirements of this market, your expectations are high :

  • Quality design
  • Durability
  • Responsiveness
  • And Support


More than just a supplier, Sepalumic builds close relationships with its clients and remains true to its initial vision. A strategy that is illustrated by support in starting up your aluminium business, technical assistance, manufacturing support, sales, communication and above all follow-up to ensure improved performance.

Sepalumic provides you with ongoing support as your business evolves : availability, professionalism and quality control. Three essential values leading to a trusting and constructive partnership for your satisfaction.

A product range adapted to private homes

As a partner, Sepalumic provides you with a complete, exclusive and innovative joinery range. Its clean lines blend in perfectly with all interior styles, in both new builds and renovations, and it provides the thermal comfort and waterproofing properties so sought after by private individuals.

Concealed sash window 5200TH

Confort+ sliding door 6700

Porte d’entrée monobloc 5700

Extension Confort²Vie® 7700

Our Artisan Créateur service

We support your success

High-quality, local manufacturing, tailor-made products, advice, an open ear for customers, and local services. This is the strength of the manufacturer and represents the know-how, as well as the talent and passion, of joiners, manufacturers and installers as far as the demanding target group of private customers is concerned. Sepalumic’s mission is to support its manufacturing and installation customers by enabling them to differentiate themselves through their manufacturing know-how and customisation.

Develop and stand out in the private customer market

« We are refocusing on our business and our manufacturing and installation customers, supporting them as a key supplier and offering tools to help them grow and stand out from the competition. Highlighting the importance of craftsmanship is a challenge for the future. Beyond the craft industry, the market is forcing us to assume greater environmental and ethical responsibilities, which is why Sepalumic is anticipating its adaptation to this market with a new range of services that meets the requirements of this development and the expectations of the end consumer. »

Pierre Richard
Head of Development


Through its service ‘artisan créateur’, SEPALUMIC goes beyond the notion of a network to highlight the individual qualities of each person and their expertise, their workmanship and their customisation.

We provide our manufacturers with the most relevant tools to:

  • meet their needs
  • give free rein to their creativity 
  • and provide a community, entrepreneurial experience

    We are convinced that our clients’ interests and our own are linked. This is why we assist them in their development with a complete range of support services and rigorous follow-up.



Financial and operational management tools, training, events, communication support, team commitment, etc. all contribute to the performance of our joinery manufacturer customers and are key assets for the success of their projects.


to express your creative spirit and develop your ability to personalise


Management tool, communication, training, etc.


To ensure proper development


Embodied with authenticity and proximity

Recycling of building products

Extended producer responsibility is a concept under the French law against waste to ensure a circular economy (AGEC) and places responsibility for the entire life cycle of products through to waste management. The aluminium joinery sector is no exception! Manufacturers and installers, you must now help to prevent waste. As a marketer, it is mandatory to fulfil this obligation by creating a collection channel or by transferring the obligation to a recycling organisation such as Valobat.

Sepalumic vous informe des nouvelles législations et vous met en relation avec ces organismes pour vous accompagner au mieux dans les démarches.