The interior glass roof


Resolutely modern, the range of aluminium skylights responds to an open and bright lifestyle. Equipped with large glazings and aluminium plates, they evoke the artists’ studios of the past. For new buildings or renovations, the interior aluminium glass roof is a safe bet for a timeless design touch.

Thanks to its simplicity of manufacture and installation, the all-aluminium interior glass wall adapts to all styles of decoration. Separate spaces while keeping a maximum of light, give style to your home, it can be installed in a living room or as a separation of professional partitions or office spaces. From the kitchen to the dining room, from the bedroom to the bathroom, from the living room to the office… It can be adapted to your desires to create any type of space arrangement.

The range of glass roofs is designed to offer great aesthetic coherence: square design, refined aluminium faces. It is available in a fully glazed, contemporary or artist’s studio style with a base panel.

Space planning: the interior glass roof is a decorative and practical solution. It's a choice for your home that lets in plenty of light and adds charm to your interior.

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