Our outdoor solutions

Pergolas, carports, gates and guardrails aluminium structures are now the key to stylish outdoor design. In gardens, beside swimming pools, or on the terraces of cafés/hotels/restaurants, our ranges of pergolas, carports, and gates, fencing and guardrails offer you a new way of designing and enhancing outdoor spaces.

A harmonious range of structures for the garden

Our collection of structures dedicated to outdoor living offers a wide range of products and configurations, all extremely adaptable, to fit out, optimise or simply decorate an outdoor space. Whether you’re looking for gates, pergolas or guardrails, our outdoor aluminium structures will help you create a decorative style, a welcoming ambiance or effective protection for all your living spaces.

These original modular products are the source of inspiration and the “little extra” we want to bring to our partner manufacturers. The aim : to give you everything you need to create unique structures that meet your needs and style preferences.

A new way of organising public spaces

Our aluminium structures are also designed to enhance public spaces such as gardens, museums and temporary sites to highlight their individuality and enhance any area. The carport, (whether photovoltaic or not) to equip public car parks or car dealerships, or pergolas that prove to be true decorative structures both by day and by night and which offer new ways to design the exterior spaces of cafés, hotels and restaurants. Lastly, the gates both large and small, and fences used to enclose and secure areas will harmonise with the overall design to create visual unity.


The configurations, colours and shapes of our made-to-measure exterior structures adapt to all projects and harmonise with existing buildings.

  • An infinite choice of colours to add personality to your project
  • Unique options and accessories to enhance your structures (side and roof openings for pergolas and carports, lighting and sound systems)
  • Made-to-measure structures to give free rein to your creativity

Structures that are as stylish as they are technical

Our primary vocation is to inspire our customers and partners through innovative trends and to support and help them to become trailblazers in their own sectors. Over and above their well-known technical features and contemporary design, our outdoor ranges guarantee speed and ease of installation. They consist of innovative and optimised assembly systems and new accessories developed to facilitate installation and manufacturing for manufacturer-installers.

The Sepalumic range of outdoor enclosures and protection products is carefully designed to conform to today’s decorative and architectural trends, while guaranteeing technical performance in line with regulatory safety standards. Designed in collaboration with our partners and our design office, our gates, fencing and guardrails are designed to offer simplified manufacture and installation, with maximum safety and convenience.

Our products

Discover our range of products for landscaping and closing off outdoor spaces.

Photovoltaic Carport 7300 series

Bioclimatic pergola 7300 series

Gate 2500 series

Garde-rail 5500 series

Aluminium – unfailing resistance

With regard to garden and exterior joinery, it is important that the materials used and the structure itself are hard-wearing, as they are highly exposed to the extremes of weather.

In this sense, aluminium meets these criteria in full and has an unlimited lifespan. As aluminium is by definition a stable material, changing climatic conditions have little effect on aluminium profiles. Untreated aluminium naturally develops a protective oxide layer when it comes into contact with open air. What’s more, the surface treatments, anodising or powder coating applied to our aluminium profiles reinforce these natural qualities.

Our aluminium structures simply require regular cleaning with clear water to retain their good looks throughout the product’s lifetime.