The sunshade


Aesthetic and functional, sunshades are both decorative and protective elements against the sun and heat. They are installed on the outside of the house, on the façade. Aluminium sun screens are strong and durable and can be painted in any colour. Its accessories, plugs, slat ends and specific connections are highly resistant.

It is also ecologically responsible, as it is an ideal solution that meets the new requirements of the RE2020 environmental regulation. The installation of an aluminium brise-soleil is a passive solution that reduces the use of air conditioning and therefore the associated energy consumption, which is responsible for almost 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in buildings, according to the ADEME.

Easy to install, this solar protection naturally regulates the interior temperature, reduces overheating and systematically improves summer comfort and the well-being of occupants.

Suitable for the solar protection of facades, this sunshade system can be integrated into modern architecture, buildings, offices, institutional buildings, vertical collective housing, etc., guaranteeing solar protection performance. It should be noted that the shaded area under the brise-soleil can vary depending on its orientation, the time of day or the season.

Design and made-to-measure, the brise-soleil are available in many forms, with fixed or adjustable blades, triangular, diamond or aeroplane wing shape, in vertical or horizontal mounting. They can be adapted to all facades, whatever their size.

> RE2020 architectural solution

> Provision of light without letting in heat or strong luminosity

> Large choice of aluminium blades

> Numerous configuration possibilities

The brise-soleil, an RE2020 solution, to clad building facades and improve summer comfort, with a compatible motorised system.