Exterior & outdoor joinery

Outdoor spaces are becoming additional living spaces and are becoming more important than ever in our daily lives. Sepalumic has expanded its range of windows and doors, offering functional and decorative solutions for all uses.

A new way of designing outdoor spaces

Resistant and durable by nature, aluminium joinery for outdoor use can be customised ad infinitum and harmonised with each other to create a unique aesthetic signature for your property.

For professionals or private individuals, in home gardens or on café/hotel/restaurant terraces, our pergolas and carports will seduce you with their ability to integrate into all environments. Sizes, colours, roof types, accessories and finishes, our range of made-to-measure outdoor sun protection is unlike any other.

As for the range of gates, fences and railings, give free rein to your creativity. The Sepalumic collection offers an unlimited choice of configurations, shapes, designs, colours and patterns to design and decorate your exteriors to your taste. Our outdoor aluminium enclosures do not lose their primary function, their design is conceived to provide you with security, serenity and privacy thanks to innovative technical processes.

Discover all the product families

Pergolas, carports, gates and railings, our collection of joinery products dedicated to outdoor facilities allows you to take advantage of a wide range of products and configurations, each more adaptable than the last, to fit out, protect, secure or simply decorate the garden or terrace.


Guard rails


Gates & Fences