The aluminium carport is a key element of your exterior. Also called carport, car shelter, outdoor shelter, or even covered shelter, it may seem simple at first glance… but in reality, it proves to be very rich, offering many possibilities, both aesthetic and practical.

This aluminium shelter, generally open on the sides, is the solution to effectively protect your vehicles (car, scooter, bicycle…) from bad weather, climatic aggression, possible falling branches or bird droppings… The aluminium carport can be attached to the house or simply set up in the garden, and will find its place and adapt to all outdoor spaces.

Whatever the type of roof chosen, with solid opaque panels or photovoltaic panels, the Sepalumic aluminium carport is a complete and customisable shelter which relies on the perfection of its lines, functionality and responsible approach to set in motion a sustainable future.

> Alternative to prefabricated garages

> Aesthetic design and purity, with no visible cables or screws

> Robust and durable thanks to aluminium

> Protects against bad weather: frost, hail, UV rays…

> Photovoltaic roof to meet the challenge of a 100% ecological and profitable shelter

> Easy to manufacture and install

> Multi-purpose structure: carport, storage space or terrace shelter

The aluminium carport provides maximum protection and is available in solid or photovoltaic panels and can be fitted with accessories: lighting, side closures, etc.