Anticyclonic Aluminium Roller Shuttersérie 2400 AC

Large-sized aluminium roller shutter

Control the security of your home with a large anti-cyclonic external roller shutter.

Specially designed for tropical areas; West Indies, Reunion, New Caledonia, this very resistant 2400 AC aluminium roller shutter is perfectly adapted to this type of climate, and particularly on renovation projects.

Its extruded, reinforced aluminium slats ensure exceptional cyclone resistance. It also has a series of accessories (axes, boxes, manoeuvres, etc.).

A large product, which resists violent winds (up to 287 km/h*) and offers quality protection to buildings and homes during periods of high cyclonic activity.

Its optimised design and large widths enable it to protect all types of buildings, whether they are offices, commercial premises or individual buildings.

Design / aesthetics
Accessoires et manœuvres
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Design / aesthetics

The anti-cyclone aluminium roller shutter combines two types of box, to adapt to all configurations and all styles of exterior facades:

  • 2 box designs (cutaway, square)
  • Square design available in 250 mm
  • Cutaway design in two sizes: 250 mm or 300 mm


Thanks to its performance and technical design, this anti-cyclone aluminium roller shutter will secure and protect your windows and bay windows from external attacks (tropical climate, cyclones, attempted break-ins, etc.).

  • Extruded reinforced aluminium slats of 61 mm, good resistance of the shutter
  • Optimised plug system: the material, the design of the plug and the shape of the screw (specific screw) have been developed to ensure the strength of the whole
  • Integration of plugs in each blade for more resistance
  • Specific screw adapted to the anti-cyclone plug to ensure the anti-pull-out system
  • Reinforced aluminium runners on the external part (available in 95 mm). The presence of anti-pull-out lugs allows the plugs to be held in the runner

Accessoires et manœuvres

  • Manual operation (crank): For a manually operated roller shutter
  • Option: Tropicalised motorisation possible (not supplied) : For a motorised external roller shutter
  • Self-locking and anti-lift closing system

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