Bioclimatic pergola série 7300


The bioclimatic aluminium pergola provides shade and light by offering a natural circulation of air circulation. When closed, the adjustable slats become a ceiling for relaxing moments at home, on a hotel terrace or in a restaurant.

Weatherproof, the bioclimatic aluminium pergola protects against sunlight, heat, rain, humidity and wind, for use throughout the seasons. Depending on the need for light and the desired style, it is possible to choose the option “brightness space”, for additional light when the pergola is adjoined by windows.

The structure and accessories have been designed to optimise manufacturing and assembly times and to make installation on site more reliable: new top rail, new slats, new accessories and fixing systems.

Aesthetic rendering in complete discretion

In addition to the known technical characteristics (large size structure, straight or mitre cut assembly, multiple possible layouts), this new bioclimatic aluminium structure focuses on its technical performance without abandoning the reliability and aesthetics of the whole.

In terms of aesthetics, it is in line with market trends. It is a streamlined design: no screws are visible, the motorisation is hidden, the wall fixings and downpipes are invisible and the gap between the slats and the beam is reduced.

In addition, the flat ceiling effect in the closed position makes the whole look harmonious.

This configuration allows the technical elements to be integrated discreetly without affecting the visual aspect, which remains sober and light.

New conception
A stronger structure
Accessoires et finitions
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New conception

This product version takes into account the practicality for our manufacturing and industrial customers with the objective of optimising manufacturing, assembly and installation times, without compromising other features.

This challenge has been met by designing a new top beam, including a motor integration system, to simplify installation and provide additional protection.

  • Pre-machined reversible blade holder for quick installation
  • Motor integrated into the beam for discretion and ease of installation
  • Pre-machined and pre-drained motor cover

Pre-machined and pre-drained motor cover

  • Reduced space between the blade and the beam (11 mm)
  • Invisible wall fixings Discretion and visual homogeneity
  • Optimised drive kit; improves compression and blade kinematics
  • Blade axis kit for quick assembly and fixing; simplified blade insertion

A stronger structure

A stronger structure

  • As for the reliability of the whole, this new beam also has a system of reinforcements that strengthens the connection with the column.

Accessoires et finitions

Couleurs, accessoires, options et fermetures latérales. La pergola bioclimatique Sepalumic est personnalisable à souhait.


A skylight to combine protection and light

  • Glazing thickness: 10 and 12 mm
  • 3° slope for water drainage
  • Glazing frame: 970 mm wide

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