Concealed sash windowsérie 5200TH


Targeted for single-family homes or collective housing, the 5200TH concealed sash window ticks all the boxes for tomorrow’s joinery: increased glazing clearances compared to traditional visible sash windows, excellent thermal performance, and slim aluminium profiles.

This so-called hidden sash window stands for modernity, comfort, reliability, durability and meets the highest demands of professionals and the needs of end customers.

The aluminium window with concealed sash has a contemporary aesthetic with an angular shape, high thermal insulation and different types of installation. Classic or contemporary, our range of aluminium windows and openings can be adapted to all desires and all needs in renovation or new construction.


Almost completely invisible with very fine lines, the 5200TH concealed sash window mainly allows for more light. Dictated by the major market trends, the opening system is compatible with a concealed fitting (or hidden hinges) allowing a 180° opening. The hinges are concealed in the sash, making them invisible when the window is closed, a hidden accessory that is essential for a window with a clean design.

The concealed sash window plays an essential role and contributes actively to the comfort of the home. It is equipped with a thermal break on the sash with a PVC nose, a central thermal seal on the frame and a thermal shield on the central sash. Choosing a window with a concealed sash means better thermal insulation and considerably less heat loss.

Technical Informations
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Aesthetics are the order of the day. The concealed sash window 5200TH is a timeless design for modern homes with a large glass surface and slim profiles.

  • Thinness of the aluminium sash and frame 80.5 mm.
  • Thinness of the central sash 83.2 mm.
  • Thinness of the external glazing bead.
  • Concealed drainage on the sash.

The aluminium window with hidden sash is available in several shapes and colours.


The concealed sash window meets the energy requirements perfectly :

  • 28 or 32 mm infill
  • Thermal break on the sash with PVC nose and 40 mm wide polyamide strip on the frame.
  • Polyamide strip.
  • Central heat shield strip PVC foam.
  • Central heat shield seal option on frame.

With regard to watertightness, this opening system, series 5200TH, has AEV values equal to A*4 E9A VC3.


  • Mitre or straight cut assembly, new or renovation
  • European groove system with visible or invisible accessories
  • Pre-mounted glazing bead and seal on concealed sashes
  • Optimisation of references from the 70 range: accessories, flaps, skirting boards, joint covers, etc. (in the case of a mitre cut)
  • PMR threshold

In order to be able to adapt to all configurations, the concealed sash window is available in European throat or G16A13.

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