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Confort+ sliding doorsérie 6700

Minimal Sliding Doors Fully-opening

The Confort+ Sliding Doors Fully-opening is the ideal configuration for individual villa projects with discreet integration of the joinery. When open, the sliding window is almost invisible as the leaf slides completely into the wall. In the closed position, it is no less discreet thanks to its ultra-thin aluminium profiles which ensure maximum light and a neat aesthetic finish.

The Sliding Doors Fully-opening is thus the solution to gain space, increase the luminosity in the house and favour the passage. Thanks to this configuration, the interior and exterior become one.

For our manufacturer-installer partners, the other major advantage of the Confort+ sliding door is undoubtedly its ease of manufacture and installation.

The sliding system is available in 1 and 2 leafs with left or right hand operation, in 2 and 4 leafs facing each other.

Minimal design and luminosity
Simplified installation
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Minimal design and luminosity

The thinness of the aluminium profiles allows to optimize the glazed surface to take maximum advantage of the solar gains and the luminosity.

  • Head jamb: 59 mm
  • Central jamb: 30 mm
  • Sash cross-member: 55 mm

Unique aesthetic signature:

  • Discreet integration of the joinery in the home
  • Sash and frame aligned for a flat and contemporary effect
  • Exclusive range of designer handles

Confort+ Sliding 6700

New sealing system on top rail


Just like the traditional Confort+ version, this sliding window features very high thermal performance thanks to an optimised thermal break and new patented sealing accessories:

  • Thermal insulation of up to 1.4 Uw, thanks to innovative thermal breaks.
  • Thin profiles for better light transmission
  • Insulation depth 160 mm (1 rail), 220 mm (2 rails)

Simplified installation

  • Installation system identical to the traditional configuration.
  • Optimised grip for wall mounting
  • Insulation cover for easy access to the rebate

Development of a system for fixing the insulation on the rebate side

New one-piece strike

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