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Single glazing cold rangesérie 8800

Single glazed cold sliding door

The 8800 series aluminium sliding door without thermal break is suitable for both residential and office projects.

Moreover, it can be perfectly combined with all Sepalumic aluminium window ranges for the realisation of compound frames for example and single glazed aluminium sliding windows according to the expected requirements.


Its large sliding aluminium door ensure good air and water tightness. They can be composed of several sashes with single glazing or laminated glazing for added security.

A very versatile sliding door ideal for geographical areas that do not require aluminium joinery with thermal breaks.

Design :
Installation and configurations :
Accessories and finished :
Possible configurations
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Design :

For the aluminium structure, the profiles of the roller shutter covers were used. Their low weight ensures a good finish and a clean design.

Installation and configurations :

Sliding doors can be made up of several wings, up to 2, 3 or 4, with single glazing or laminated glazing for greater security in the home

Accessories and finished :

  • This aluminium sliding window without thermal break can be equipped with a sliding mosquito net, in order to limit the inconveniences coming from the outside and from the close environment
  • A wide range of locking accessories is available: screwless locks, key locks for comfort and security
  • Single 34kg/door leaf and double, adjustable, needle bearing 90kg/door leaf rollers can be used for comfortable and durable operation. This will ensure that the operation of the joinery is maintained over time.
  • Laminated glazing is an option for added security (6-8.8mm thick)

Possible configurations

Sliding door
bi-rail, 2 to 4

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