Swing and sliding shuttersérie 2200

The aluminium shutter adapts to traditional and future projects

The 2200 series – swinging and sliding shutters from the outdoor Signature range – offers locking solutions to secure and protect our living spaces.

In order to offer a product that also enhances the windows and bays of our buildings. SEPALUMIC has thought of tailor-made solutions, with numerous configurations for the swing shutter or the sliding shutter; accessories, designs and colours.

Our aim is to offer you a product that will be resistant, durable and adaptable to all architectural desires and all weather conditions. Our extruded aluminium profiles meet the challenges of everyday use, with easy maintenance and a high-quality powder-coated finish. Repainting your wooden shutters every two years is a thing of the past!

In the context of a renovation project to preserve a traditional style or a new project with modern trends, aluminium swinging or sliding shutters will secure, insulate and flatter your openings (French windows, garage, outdoor spaces)… It’s up to you to imagine the final use and finish you want.

For the manufacture and installation, a range of possibilities is available to you according to the dimensions and needs of the project, from the manufacture in the workshop to the final installation.

With the right closing system, shutters, whether swinging, sliding or rolling, contribute to the thermal insulation of buildings.

Panel design
Security and closures
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Panel design

The opening or fixed panels of the sashes can be assembled with or without frames by means of pinned, crimped or screwed brackets. The panel filling can be mixed and made with different combinations:

  • Louvers
  • Portisol sash (Niçoise style)
  • Opening frame
  • Solid slats
  • American style openwork slats
  • Adjustable slats
  • With intermediate rail

Combinations to suit the needs of the building’s layout, light, privacy, ventilation and architecture.


Depending on the type of construction site, we have thought of different types of fasteners, fastening systems and hinges:

  • Hinges
  • Hinges
  • Adjustable hinges

As well as a hinge frame which has been designed to accompany your work for renovations, end of site installation or improving the energy efficiency of buildings.

Security and closures

Finally, for security, several locks and bolts are available:

  • Aluminium espagnolette, espagnolette or lock
  • 1 to 3 point lock
  • 1 to 3 point locking of sliding doors by lock block


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