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Tertiary minimal sash windowsérie 5700


The 5700 minimal sash window: with its minimal sash and the qualities of aluminium, the range of windows for tertiary buildings, cafés, hotels and restaurants (CHR) or commercial premises offers a sober and refined design that adapts to all projects, whether new or renovation.

The minimal window for hotels, offices and retail outlets


The minimal sash window differs from all other striking windows on the market. Its refined design combined with a reduced aluminium mass guarantees optimised solar gain and light gain all year round. With this aluminium window, Sepalumic has worked on the design aspect of the product without neglecting its performance. The clean lines and the invisible side of the accessories (hinges) make it easier to meet the expectations of the market, architects, project managers and building specifiers.

In terms of performance, it is equipped with thermal shields to guarantee optimal comfort.

Minimal window
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Minimal window

True to its DNA, Sepalumic has designed the 5700 series minimal sash window, an aluminium window concept with slim, angular profiles for an XXL glass surface. What makes it special? Its aluminium faces with a visible section (sash/sash) of 61 mm when viewed from the outside. Thus, on the outside, only a narrow frame and a thin aluminium bead are visible. The sun fully illuminates the interior of the building, an architect’s dream.

  • Contemporary square design with sash flush with the frame.
  • Aluminium window face with a minimum of 67.7 mm exterior.
  • Thin central sash of 80.9 mm.
  • Centred and symmetrical central sash.


The tertiary window with minimal sash has been designed to meet the needs of the tertiary building market, i.e. hotels and restaurants, administrative or commercial premises. The 5700 minimum sash window offers thermal and acoustic insulation performance:

  • Filling up to 32 mm.
  • Uw thermal insulation up to 1.2 W/m²/K.
  • Glazing Ug up to 0.8.
  • Thermal break system on sash and frame.
  • Sealing barrier with seals on sash and frame.
  • Air permeability A*4.
  • Tightness: E*9A.
  • Wind resistance : VC3, adaptable to all environments.
  • 70 mm thick frame.


Suitable for new buildings and renovations, the 5700 minimum sash window is easy to manufacture. This window has many advantages both in terms of manufacturing and optimised installation.

  • Mitre-cut assembly with pinned or crimped corner joints.
  • System for European groove with visible or invisible accessories.
  • System for G16A13 with compatible PVC accessories.
  • Pre-mounted glazing seal on sash.
  • Optimisation of the references of the 70 range.

Possible configurations

Single casement window OF

1-sash window OF / OB

2-sash window OF

2-sash window OF / OB

1-sash window OF

2-sash window door OF

2-sash window with fixed side

1-sash window with side fix

Single casement window with sill

1-sash window with transom

Fixed window

The same